Terms of Business

Barbara Rees Estate Agents

Barbara Rees will accept instructions and act for private individual clients, incorporated limited liability companies, business partnerships, landlords and tenants, corporate and institutional clients, via the following modes of appointment and remuneration ;-

Appointment as agent ;- Sole, joint or multiple agency.

Term ;- Fixed or variable term of appointment.

Method of Remuneration ;- Fee / commission based or a combination of both.

Scale of Fees ;- Fixed or variable fees / commission (according to the nature and class of business transacted)

Instructions to act ;- We can accept client specific / limited instructions to act in respect of a certain activity, alternatively, we can accept multiple instructions for a number of different business classes.

Contract ;- Formal terms of appointment are required and are governed by the laws of England and Wales.

Client Identification & Source of Funds ;- Each client is required by law, to furnish Barbara Rees with acceptable verification of identity (I.D.), in the form of both personal, and residence identification. In addition, certain classes of business require Barbara Rees Ltd to obtain verification of the source of funds used to finance the class of business being transacted and Barbara Rees Ltd. will advise you of the relevant requirements in this regard, as and when applicable.

Legislation ;- Barbara Rees will endeavor to comply with the legislation and governing laws of England and Wales, applicable to the class of business being transacted.

Please contact any of our offices to discuss your requirements and obtain our full and detailed "standard terms of business and conditions of appointment".